RTW - the route

Alea Iacta Est!
The big trip eventually is scheduled, every continent is going to be conquered!! I am about to leave, for about 8 months, travelling around the globe.

The Map of Round The World adventure

A tentative agenda: August: Africa September/October: Asia November: Australia December, January, February: South America...

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One Million Seconds

1.000.000 seconds from departure: RTW trip will start in 12 days!
Passport is ready, Visas requested, Vaccinations done... equipment purchased, battery charged, what else? Still some time to find the best insurance and then GO!

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Deep Blue

A Trip Around the world will be a great opportunity to visit extraordinary seasides, beaches and reefs. This is the reason I have purchased an underwater camera and done a PADI course for experiencing the deep blue... RTW trip stars in 8 days: stay tuned for incredible scuba activities...

Scuba diving practising near Rome

One Shot

It's been my only thought over the last 4 months. There is more: I've been dreaming of leaving for a RTW trip for... years. Tomorrow is the day. Technically I'll be leaving in a few hours...

bags are ready to go

Welcome to Africa

RTW trip starts from the beginning of everything: Africa. Tanzania is great for its nature and some days of Safari is a "must" activity. The first stop is in Arusha, from where our tour begins.

Gnus and Elephants during Safari

Safari Part II

Lake Manyara is told not to be very populed. However there are hundreds - or thousands - of animals waiting for us
Impala, Lake Manyara National Park


'Ngoro 'ngoro, UNESCO patrimone, is one of the biggest craters in the world. Approaching the internal part is just magic. From the above the view is breathless.

Ngoro Ngoro

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VIDEO 8 months around the World