Litchfield National park (MAP) - near Darwin in north Australia - boasts beautiful landscapes, lagunas and waterfalls.

The trip is beautiful and between a trekking and another a swim on its amazing waterfall is really pleasant. There are sign advising there "should" be no crocodiles here. At least salt water crocs. But the guide alerts us to be always "crocwise"...

Wangi Waterfalls, Litchfield National Park

Florence waterfalls, Litchfield National Park

waterfalls, Litchfield National Park

on the road, Litchfield National Park

When there are no nature wonders, it's time to meet some animals. There are ordinary and armles ones.

bird, Litchfield National Park

.. and there are other that maybe it's better not to bother.

spider, Litchfield National Park

A primitive cemetery at a first sight, the magneic mounds are just another incredible result of animal & nature. They keep groving one meter per year untill the termite queen dies - that's the end of the whole colony, yet it can take several, several years.

magnetic termite mounds, Litchfield National Park

Adelaide river crosses several national parks in northern Australia. It is the place where the longest predator in the world lives. Here one can find the biggest - and most dangerous - crocodiles on earth: the jumping crocodiles. In most cases it's really easy to spot them - as soon as they see the boat they approach it - there may be food...

jumping crocodile, Litchfield National Park

jumping crocodile, Litchfield National Park

I am inside a huge - and safe - boat, the entrance if far away from their possibility (well, you don't want to lean ouside the window to take picture - they can just rip off your arm...) yet as soon as the first -huge- croc approaches I can feel his scary face...

jumping crocodile, Litchfield National Park

The tour operators just pop a bunch of meat few centimeter above the water level, the predator evaluates the possibility to catch it for a while, slowly and then suddenly it jumps to get it. In that moment you get to know the fact that if you are not in a boat, you are simply fucked up...

jumping crocodile, Litchfield National Park
jumping crocodile, Litchfield National Park

Going back to darwin, there is still time for the sunsut. I go to the seaside and wait. It's worthy...

sunset, Darwin

sunset, Darwin info

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