El Chalten( MAP ), in the Santa Cruz Argentinian province, is a tiny village isolated from everyday life. From here several trekking paths leads to lakes, rivers, mountains..

Once in this place, there is just one main road, all other streets ends up into trekking paths to the surrounding mountains.

El Chalten, the village from the above
El Chalten - city center

The environment changes quickly, you walk into the forest, then along a river, then bump into a lake, a glaciar, a swamp and a waterfall...

Los Tres Lagos river, El Chalten
Laguna Torre forest, El Chalten
Laguna Torre river,El Chalten
Fitz Roy river, El Chalten
El Chalten
Waterfalls, El Chalten

Every corner may reveal a surprise. You can walk the path or climb your own way. When you run out of water you can drink some from any river: it's potable, fresh, and very good.

Laguna Torre Glaciar, El Chalten
Laguna Torre trekking, El Chalten
Fitz Roy swamp, El Chalten
Laguna Torre river,El Chalten
Tres Lagos, El Chalten

During this season there are just 4-5 hours of darkness. There is enough sunlight to walk even at 11 PM. There is no rush and the 6-7 hours each way of walking can be easily achieved also by everyone. Just find a relaxing point from time to time, fair enough.

El Chalten

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