Watching the king of the forest having sex is definitely an experience

Lion Approaching, Serengeti National Park

The king of the forest has quite a comfortable life. He lies under the tree all day while all female lions are around for hunting. From time to time he also chooses one of the mates of his group for having sex. The approach is quite easy.

Lion sleeping, Serengeti National Park

The first step is having quite a good nap, possibly under the shade of a tree.

Lion Resting, Serengeti National Park

When the female is ready, she growns a little bit communicating to the king her wishes.

Female wakes up and call the male, Serengeti National Park

If he does not wake up, she approaches and repeats the sound again

Female approaches and repeat the grown, Serengeti National Park
Lion Approaching, Serengeti National Park

The Lion,apparently in a deep sleep, is up and ready instantly.

Male starting the sexual activity -Serengeti National Park

The act begins... end ends in a matter of seconds - seven. Eigth, at most. I would have guessed something a little bit more for the king of the forest...

Lion having sex - Serengeti National Park

They are both now (apparently) satisfied...

Female celebrating the act, Male ready for sleeping -, Serengeti National Park

Besides the short performance, it is now time for a little nap. After aproximatly twenty minutes, the scene take places again. And again, and again... The couple will be having sex for a 24 hours period. So, who's the king of the forest again?

Let's rest for 20 minutes, than start again - Serengeti National Park info

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