Good Morning Vietnam

Just crossed the Chinese border and a complete different country faces me: Vietnam.
Hanoi, the capital city, for the moment is just a stop for breathing and recovering from the long travel.


Monkey Island

Monkey Island is just one of the thousands available in the Halong Bay, probably one of the most knwon Vietnamese places in the world.

Halong Bay

May in September

May is a lovely girl from a tiny H'mong village near Sapa. I happened to read stories about her hosting tourists in her house, with her family, just for the sake of talking with strangers, learning some English and get some good meal in return. I eventually contacted her and decided to go and spend a night in her village. That happened to be an out-of-the-world experience.

our friend May, H'mong tribe, Sapa


The second Indochina war against the USA is one of the most famous conflict ever. Vietnam history is indeed plenty of such events. And the country still reflects there in several different places. One of the most affected part was indeed the DMZ - demilitarized zone - where several cruel battles took place.

US Tank, Khe Sanh Combat Base, DMZ

Imperial Life

Being an Emperor is such a hard life, isn't it? Hue, in the center of Vietnam, has been the capital city of the Vietnamese Empire during XVIII and XIX siecles, during the Nguyen dinasty.

Forbidden City, Hue

This is Vietnam

There is no best way to see the real Vietnam but renting a bicycle or motorbike and just drive around in the country outside big cities and touristic places. People are much nicer. And real. info

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