Just a hour and a half driving from Santiago, on the Chilean coast there is Valparaiso (MAP), "Valpo" for the locals. It is a colourful town where lots of artists have found the good inspiration to come, and possibly live for a while.

Ascensor Artilleria, Valparaiso

A bunch of houses from the distance, a close up look reveals a complete unpredictable building plan, apparently with no criteria


A close-up view is what enhance the experience in Valpo. Every house has got its own peculiarity, and loosing oneself on the small street around the "cerros" (hills) is the reccomended experience.

houses, Valparaiso

Graffiti house, Valparaiso

coloured houses, Valparaiso


Restaurant, Valparaiso

Among all artists that lives and have lived here, Pablo Neruda is one of the most known.

"La Sebastiana"- Neruda's house, Valparaiso

graffiti garage, Valparaiso

High School, Valparaiso

view from "el puerto" barrio, Valparaiso

There is an outstanding number of graffiti around. Actually sometime is hard to find a non-painted house. And there is more: street art became part of the city itself, there are no traditional sign here and artists express their creativity just everywhere.

graffiti, Valparaiso

Music Shcool, Valparaiso

Museum indication, Valparaiso

Restaurant sign, Valparaiso

Trash bin, Valparaiso

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