Useful Tips

This section lists useful suggestions for a safer and more effective trip.

Stick to the original plan

Every traveller has its own method to organize and pack things. That cannot be taught or inherited. What happens too often during a trip is to need something but not able to find it. That's because we tend to mix our original packing order, mainly due to rush or handy temporary solution. These solutions are bad. Try to figure out the best place for each of the items in the bag and stick to that. It may be annoying sometimes, 'cause you will have to spend some time to repack, or reach a not handy pocket or even stop doing your current activity and look for the proper place. On the other way, you will never again stop in the middle of nothing looking for your lipbalm and ask yourself: where the hell did I put it? Tip: you can candidate a "special pocket" for temporary objects that in certain cases you don't really want to put on the correct place. When looking for something and not founding in its place, you may have a second chance in the special pocket. Just remember to empty it every now and then.

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Round The World

225 days, starting in August 2011, ending in March 2012 the biggest adventure of my life.

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RTW started on August in Africa Here is the list of visited places, with available pictures, videos and stories...

August 2011

      3: Arusha
      4: Tarangire: African animals
      5: Ngorongoro: the crater
      6: Serengeti: king's sex
      7: Serengeti: lion hunting...
      8: Lake Maniara: in danger of life
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Best of

Selecting from over 10.000 pictures was hard. I came up anyway with this collections...

Lion eating a zebra

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Video Around the World

This is it
The outcome of my Round the world trip is ready: One trip, one dream, one VIDEO.



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The Seven Wonders

February 2012: I eventually completed my "Wonder Collection". It was a hard task started back in the past, year by year, trip by trip. After so much travelling, I ended up with a rating of all the wonders of the world. Starting from Rio - the last one collected - until the top of the list: the one magical place in the world...

#8 Christ Redemer, Rio

To be hones I did never understand why this huge statue was in the list of wonders. Compared to all other incredible sites this appeared to me just a big white piece of catholic sign. That's why it appears to be the last (first on countdown) on the list. When I eventually arrived in Rio, after seven months of Travelling around the world I kind of changed my mind. The Chris Redeemer is still not impressive. However, the city of Rio it is just breathtaking. Maybe that's the real meaning of this wonder: the landscape around it.

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VIDEO 8 months around the World