My flight from Sydney stops in Auckland (New Zealand) for a few hours. It then leaves the continent at 16:00 and lands in Santiago del Chile (MAP) at 11:50, the same day. That means two things: time travelling is possible, and the new adventure in South America just started.

Santiago de Chile

The Chilean capital city seems to be really organized, lots of events going on at the same time, yet this does not seem to affect summer is approaching and weather is just perfect: not too cold, not too hot.

view from Cerro San Cristobal, Santiago

As most centra/southern Americas countries, main square is called "Plaza de armas". Here you can find the complete mixture of poor, reach and all cosmopolitan people leaving the city. All surrounded by big buildings, shopping malls and shops of every kind.

Plaza de Armas, Santiago

Palacio de la moneda, Santiago


Bellavista barrio, Santiago

The market area is an adventure itself: huge separated buildings each one with a peculiar speciality (fish, meat, pet food, tools, fruit...) where to get the best deals of the city.

Central Market, Santiago

Among the other, the fish market is not that big, however, it is really traditional. There is even a band playing music for: they will just ask for some fish to local workeers at the end of the performance.

Fish Market, Santiago

Market, Santiago

Playing chess, Santiago

girl, Santiago info

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