Byron Bay ( MAP) is a small city set on the the most eastern Australian location. Two days of relax in this calm city helped to recover from the rushing schedule I have had so far.

Surf Alley, Byron Bay city

During the weekdays the atmosphere is calm and lovely, locals are really nice and polite. There is not really a dress code in the city, unless you maintain the city tidy it is absolutely normal to wear fancy dress, strange costumes or just a swim suite. And do whatever you like.

Graffiti on thrash bins, Byron Bay

people on the road, Byron Bay city

prize winner for a costume party, Byron Bay

curious child, Byron Bay

guitarist practising, Byron Bay

The beach is infinite. Kilometers of pure sand where people chill out, play sport, hang around or even get married

Byron Bay from the above
Interracial chat, Byron Bay beach

two curious uninvited watching a wedding on the beach, Byron Bay

hula hoop practising, Byron Bay

footbal game, Byron Bay beach

Byron Bay is one of the best spot in Australia for getting into surf, water level is shallow and waves are not dangerous. Surfing is extremely exhausting, yet when you manage to ride your first wave... wow that's an emotion.

surf lessions, Byron Bay

pro surfer, cape Byron, Byron Bay

Cape Byron, on the edge of one of the beaches, is the easterly point in Australia, the next place would be New Zealand. Luckily enough there are no real dangers here: crocodiles, jellyfishes and sharks are not known in this part of the country, and the sea is incredibly colourful

Cape Byron, Byron Bay

Lighthouse, Byron Bay
Easterly Australian point, cape Byron, Byron Bay

During the weekend the city completely changes its aspect, hordes of teenagers come to get drunk and party. Local workers become extremely unpleasant and rude to people, even police become unfortunately aggressive and far too unpolite. I prefer to remember this place for its beauty and its tranquillity, when the party is over. info

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