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Latest News:

Li River

There are several possibilities to go from Guilin to Yangshuo(impressive jurassic site: read article ). One of those, mostly if you haven't done it ever, is by boat, on the "Li" river.

Li river, Guilin

Rice Rice Rice

There is no Chinese dish that is not accompanied by a bowl of rice. Yes but... where the hell they get so much rice? Guangxi region is well known for its production and even more for the rice terraces.

Rice terraces in Longsheng


"Shan" in China means mountain. Buddhism and Taoism set their preferred holy places on top of challenging climbing The walk generally starts with a gentle path surrounded by nature.

that was HUGE

You will never know which is really the biggest Buddah. There is the biggest seated one, the biggest laid one, the biggest wooden, golden etc etc. Anyway,the one in Lashan is really huge. And quite impressive


Kung Fu Panda

Giant Panda Breeding Research Base is one of main interesting point in Chengdu, a big city in the south West of China. Pandas are really lovely teddy bears. At a first sight you'll soon fall in love with them.

Chinese Restaurant

Chinese restaurants all over the world have the same menu and taste the same. All, except Chinese restaurants in China...

They were Warriors

Some say it's the 8th wonder of the world. Some others claims Angkor Wat in Cambodia (see Angkor Wat article) is the candidate. I actually believe it is an amazing place to visit. Noting comparable to the Great Wall, yet a huge (like everything, here in China) creation, a weird testament of a crazy emperor.
Terracotta Army Warriors

A town named Pingyao

Pingyao is a lovely little town in the middle of China. The center of the city is surrounded by huge walls, in the Chinese style, that used to protect from invasion (they didn't work out, like the Great one).


While in Beijing, a tour to one of the the Seven World Wonders is absolutely mandatory. There are several different access points, the government has renstructured and set up for official visit. One of the most impressive is places to go is Mutianyiu, some 90 Km north of the capital city.

Great Wall, Mutianyiu

Hanging Stuff

Datong is not really known for its beauty. Indeed it is quite a horrible city. However, in the nearby there are a couple of places that really deserve a stop there. One for all, the Hanging Monastery...
Hanging Monastery, near Datong

Welcome to Asia

Two months and a half of travelling across Asia. Starting from China. Quite a strange country. Everything seems normal, everybody is simling, but there is something really strange here.

A day in Europe

To give a reasonable meaning to my RTW trip, I decide to take a trip to one of the most extraordinary and still unexplained prehistorical places in the world in UK

Tons of stories have been told about this place, likely an old calendar which gets magical during particular periods of the year


Getting to Stonehenge unfortunately is not magical as one may believe. Litteraly hundreds of people coming for several tours approach the site at aproximately the same hour, and just for half an hour or so.


The tour around the stones may be short, may be crowded, may not be as one have dreamed... however this is one of the magical places of the world and a visit is definitely worth once in a lifetime. I am now ready to say goodbye to Europe


Tanzania on the Road

When it comes to safari, Tanzania is surely one of the most interesting and stunning country in the world

Experiencing -at least- one week camping inside national parks, with direct contact with the animals, watching them surviving their days, living or dying, hunting or being hunted... these situations and feeling cannot possibly be forgotten. Among all, Ngorongoro and Serengeti nationa parks were the most impressive, because of the huge number of animals living inside, and also because of the incredible scenes we were so lucky to witness.

Serengeti National Park

Marocco on the Road

Dune, monti, deserti, gole, fiumi, cascate e un popolo ospitale nel più schietto dei modi in programma che da Casablanca ci porta attraverso le splendide città imperiali di Rabat,Meknes e Fez. Il viaggio prosegue alla volta  della valle del Todra senza mancare una sosta tra le due berbere del deserto di Merzouga. I Monti dell’Atlante ci accompagneranno fino a Marrakech: ultima tappa di un viaggio breve ma intensissimo.

Bar Diving

Zanzibar offers great opportunity for diving in the Indian ocean. A PADI center in Nungwe
surrounded by fishes in Zanzibar

Lots of fishes of any kind surrounds us.Some of them are everuwhere and easily visible around

Diving in Zanzibar
diving in Zanzibar

Some other, instead, can really efficently mimetize and really difficult to spot.

Can you see it?

Then there is the meeting with some turtles. It is my first time and I try to behave correctly and avoid disturbing them. Finning with them for few meters makes you feel really magic

sea turtle

Off course, Nemo is also living there


As a first try, we are quite satisfied. Other places are waiting for more exploration, see you at next dive...

End of diving info

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