When it comes to safari, Tanzania is surely one of the most interesting and stunning country in the world

Experiencing -at least- one week camping inside national parks, with direct contact with the animals, watching them surviving their days, living or dying, hunting or being hunted... these situations and feeling cannot possibly be forgotten. Among all, Ngorongoro and Serengeti nationa parks were the most impressive, because of the huge number of animals living inside, and also because of the incredible scenes we were so lucky to witness.

Serengeti National Park

Yet Tanzania is not only Safari, or Safari is not only animals: there is a tight contact with people. Beside language barriers, some kind of communication is possible. Most people would try to sell something, or ask money but that's just a part of it. Many many persons, many children just enjoyed the fact of speking some English, or laughed while we tried to create some sentences in Swahili, their language.

Masai & Locals, Somewhere near lake Manyara


A gasoline "station", on the road

There are also stunning spots for trekking: up in the mountains, crossing the river, having a bath under a waterfall...

trekking in Manyara lake

When everything is done, Tanzania may surprise you with his incredible island: Zanzibar. White beaches and coral reef wait to be explored

sand tongue, Zanzibar
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