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Latest News:

May in September

May is a lovely girl from a tiny H'mong village near Sapa. I happened to read stories about her hosting tourists in her house, with her family, just for the sake of talking with strangers, learning some English and get some good meal in return. I eventually contacted her and decided to go and spend a night in her village. That happened to be an out-of-the-world experience.

our friend May, H'mong tribe, Sapa

Monkey Island

Monkey Island is just one of the thousands available in the Halong Bay, probably one of the most knwon Vietnamese places in the world.

Halong Bay

Good Morning Vietnam

Just crossed the Chinese border and a complete different country faces me: Vietnam.
Hanoi, the capital city, for the moment is just a stop for breathing and recovering from the long travel.


Full Moon Party

ps: If you are looking for Ko Pangan Full Moon experience, read this article: People from the Moon

Waiting for a bigger full moon party next month (12th of October, planning to be in Ko Pan Gan), yesterday night I ended up with some guys in a random bar in Guilin. That was the craziest night ever...

Singing in a bar - guiling

Jurassic Park

Yangshuo landscapes simply comes from another world. Going along the "Dragon" river is one of the best experiences I've ever had in my life.

Jurassic park style landscape on Dragon river, Yangshuo


China is a huge, huge, huge country. Some say it's a whole continent, and from certain perspective I am sure it is. Besides, the country is really overcrowded and there are always lot of people in the cities, along as travelling from one city to another.

Bicycle cleaner, Tien Amman, Beijing
Chinese transportation is quite complicate, each vehicle has its own rule.

Li River

There are several possibilities to go from Guilin to Yangshuo(impressive jurassic site: read article ). One of those, mostly if you haven't done it ever, is by boat, on the "Li" river.

Li river, Guilin

Rice Rice Rice

There is no Chinese dish that is not accompanied by a bowl of rice. Yes but... where the hell they get so much rice? Guangxi region is well known for its production and even more for the rice terraces.

Rice terraces in Longsheng


"Shan" in China means mountain. Buddhism and Taoism set their preferred holy places on top of challenging climbing The walk generally starts with a gentle path surrounded by nature.

that was HUGE

You will never know which is really the biggest Buddah. There is the biggest seated one, the biggest laid one, the biggest wooden, golden etc etc. Anyway,the one in Lashan is really huge. And quite impressive


Kung Fu Panda

Giant Panda Breeding Research Base is one of main interesting point in Chengdu, a big city in the south West of China. Pandas are really lovely teddy bears. At a first sight you'll soon fall in love with them.

Chinese Restaurant

Chinese restaurants all over the world have the same menu and taste the same. All, except Chinese restaurants in China...

They were Warriors

Some say it's the 8th wonder of the world. Some others claims Angkor Wat in Cambodia (see Angkor Wat article) is the candidate. I actually believe it is an amazing place to visit. Noting comparable to the Great Wall, yet a huge (like everything, here in China) creation, a weird testament of a crazy emperor.
Terracotta Army Warriors

A town named Pingyao

Pingyao is a lovely little town in the middle of China. The center of the city is surrounded by huge walls, in the Chinese style, that used to protect from invasion (they didn't work out, like the Great one).


While in Beijing, a tour to one of the the Seven World Wonders is absolutely mandatory. There are several different access points, the government has renstructured and set up for official visit. One of the most impressive is places to go is Mutianyiu, some 90 Km north of the capital city.

Great Wall, Mutianyiu info

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