When around 7 AM the sun suddenly rises, the beach does not appear to realise that the moon is not shining in the black sky anymore.

It is completely sunlight yet Full Moon party continues... (READ FULL MOON PARTY - PART 1)

Still with fancy dress, still drinking beer, people still continue to dance, as the new day never started.

I am pretty sure that, for some of them, the new day actually never started...

While locals tryes to provide transportation to people leaving on other side of the island, first sunlight customers arrive and there is a weird mixture of 'moon' and 'sun' people. They even start a football match between the empty bottles.

Yet the best part is to come. There is a sleeping area for those who realized they were about to collapse. Two people in total. The rest of the beach is scattered with people fallen asleep, some of them against any possible physic law...

That was full moon party. The ligth side, at least. It is 9 AM, I've been 'up and running' over the last 24 hours now, to me it's still yesterday and I need some sleep... good night !

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