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Kakadu is the most beautiful national park in northern Australia (MAP) . It offers incredible landscapes views and interesting birdwatching activities. And much more...

Jim Jim falls, Kakadu National park


Maybe spending a month in Australia is just not enugh. I'll have to go back and say more next time.

Singapore skyline

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Singapore city seems like a little world inside a little world. Even though the majority of people are still south East Asians, here you will find a complex mixture of any kind of culture and roots. Here's little India, where it is really possible to travel in space and being surrounded only by little people and little restaurant from India, the real one.

Singapore skyline

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Apple PAI

Road 1095 connects Chiang Mai (SEE ARTICLE) to a little village named Pai (roughly spelled like English "pie") The road is 136 Km long and counts 762 curves, most of them surrounded by jungle and mountains. I cannot help but renting a motorbike and get into this adventure.

route 1095 to Pai

Welcome to the Jungle

Chiang Mai Province (MAP), is one of the best spot in northern Thailand for excursions in the Jungle. It is everywere around...

trekking in the jungle, Chiang Mai

Heaven for Everyone

After the beautiful beaches of Koh Phangan (SEE ARTICLE) I have now moved to Koh Tao (SEE MAP), a tinly lovely island in the same arcipelago. The place is far from away from the crazy parties and life is quite more relaxing here. And yes, if you are not satisfied with Phangan places, you can find here yet another paradise.

Koh Nang Yuan beach, Koh Tao

A Kind of Blue

Koh Phangan (SEE ARTICLE) and Koh Tao are not only incredible heavens on earth for their stunning beaches. Under the water may be even more beautiful.

Sail Rock diving, Koh Phangan

People from the Moon - part 1

Koh Phangan is stunning island full of beautiful beaches and landscapes (SEE ARTICLE). Besides, it is famous around the world for the Full Moon Party, held on his main beach onece a month during - of course - the full moon night.

Full Moon Party, Koh Phangan

This could be heaven

Koh Phangan (SEE MAP) , famous for its Full Moon Party (SEE ARTICLE), is not just a perdition place. The island is stunning and the place offers incredible beaches, landscapes and also some piece of adventure...

Ao Bang Tai beach, Koh Phangan


Angkor, the Khmer archaeological site near Siem Reap - Cambodia (MAP) is the eight wonder of the world (SEE OTHER WONDERS), no doubt about it.

Angkor Wat, Angkor

The site is huge and spread all over the country, three full days barely abblow to visit a small part of the whole complex. Still, it is definitely worth it a ride... It's more: you will go away with the will to go back soon and continue the exploration...

Tuc tuc stories

It's not a perfect day to spend in Bangkok. There is high risk for the incoming flood announced by all media.

Bangkok river over the threshold

Made in Cambodia

Travelling from Vietnam to Thailand, a brief stop in Cambodia is just needed for realizing how beautiful must be this country and how it needs a deeper investigation, a future longer trip.

Siem Rep (MAP) is mainly famous for its incredible wonder Angkor (ARTICLE), yet pedaling through - and out of - the city is an incredible opportunity to get into local life and people. info

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