After so many days surrounded by extreme nature environment in Thailand, the arrival is Singapore (MAP) reveals a complete new world.

The Merlion, Singapore symbol

Singapore city seems like a little world inside a little world. Even though the majority of people are still south East Asians, here you will find a complex mixture of any kind of culture and roots. Here's little India, where it is really possible to travel in space and being surrounded only by little people and little restaurant from India, the real one.

little India, Singapore

There is a little Islamic community and of course you can find little Chinese guys going around in Chinatown. There are thousands of Italian restaurants, there are people studying and travelling from all over the world.

Bugis shopping center, Singapore
Islamic mosque, Singapore

Yet the most impressive part of the city is its incredible architecture. There are hundreds of building of any kind and colour. The center is filled with skyscrapers with unusual geometry. They are all shopping malls, hotels or business centers.

Suntec towers, Singapore


skyscraper elevators, Singapore


Swisshotel stamford, Singapore


Museum, Singapore


UOB centre, Singapore


Singapore Flyer, Singapore


city hall, Singapore


Suntec Tower, Singapore


city district, Singapore


Walkway, Singapore

Marina Bay is the exception in the exception. The highest top quality and eccentric building of the city stands isolated from the rest of the skyscrapers. The shapes resembles a (huge) boat. On top of three towers.

Marina Bay Sand complex, Singapore


Marina Bay Sand, Singapore

The main entrance is welcome with an impressive geometry effect. There is also a string quartet performing live music, artists, shopping mall. Going further you can find theaters, casino and there's even an internal river which can be sailed by little boat.

Marina Bay Sand- main entrance, Singapore


Marina Bay, river in the shopping mall, Singapore

The roof top hosts the highest swimming pool in the world. Not accessible to visitors, one can only imagine the sensation of having a swim 57th floors from the above...

Marina Bay Sand roof top swimming pool, Singapore

The view from the above is impressive. The whole city can be observed with a different angle. What had appeared as huge buildings now are tiny blocks in the overall picture.

Singapore from the above


city district from the above, Singapore

The city is continously evolving. New districts are about to be built, lots of skyscrapers are still to be finished. It seems a neverending work in progress place.

still constructing, Singapore

Singapore probably offers its best view during the night, when life becomes crazy with neverending parties, pubs, fancy places and incredible lights.mari

st Andrew's cathedral by night, Singapore


city district by night, Singapore


Marina Bay by night, Singapore


Singapore by night info

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