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Black Diamond

After the Torres del Paine experience in Patagonia, I though I had done with exhausting trekkings surrounded by nature. Then I went to Chiapada Diamantina (MAP) and realized I was wrong.

Chiapada Diamantina

O Carnaval - part 2

If the most important carnival is held in Rio de Janeiro, most locals claims that the most original and traditional one takes place in Salvador de Bahia (MAP). So here is the plan: taking a flight during the middle of the party and switch city.

Carnaval, Salvador de Bahia

O Carnaval

There is no Brazil without carnival, and there is no carnival without Sambodromo (MAP), full stop.

Carnival, Rio


When I took the decision to leave for my Round the World trip people started to ask me what was my plan. "I don't know" - I used to reply - "Yet I want to be n Rio (do you really need a MAP? ) by carnival". Well, here I am.

Rio de Janeiro from the above


Over two months of Brazil cannot be shinked in one page. Mostly if O' Carnaval is part of the trip!

I'll try anyway.

Singapore skyline

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Small Big Island

"Ilha Grande" (MAP) literally means "big island". In fact the island is not really famous for his hoge size: just a 15 km wide. Here there is just a small village (Abrao) surrounded by impressive and tick vegetation. There are no car in the island, that means the only way to reach the beaches is to walk across the jungle...

Praia Pouso, Ilha Grande

Beach on the Beach

There are two way to get from Sao Paolo to Rio de Janeiro: one of the is the quick motorway that connects directly the two cities. The other one is going through the coast. It takes much more time, the road is not in good conditions and... the places you may happen to visit are so extraordinary that you may never arrive in Rio.


Coast to Coast

On my way to the north of Brasil I set a few stop on a couple of cities: Curitiba (MAP), a colonial settlement on the Sao Paolo province, and Paraty (MAP), a tiny lovely village close to the border with Rio the Janeiro province.


Wild Floripa

Once you get sick of getting a bus (bycicle, taxi) to easily reach a beach in Florianopolis (SEE PREVIOUS ARTICLE), and/or simply you want some more adventure or privacy, there are plenty of activities to do everyday.

Campeche Island, Florianopolis

Floripa 42

Technically speaking I officially entered Brazil during my day trip to Iguazu. However, Florianopolis (MAP), in Santa Catarina province, is the first place where I spent some time inside Brazil.

Praia Mole, Florianopolis

Floripa, as everybody calls it, is far too famous for being such a small island (28 km long) and such an incredible number of beaches ("praias"): 42 they say. I was not able to see ALL of them, yet everyday I tried to make the most out of this stunning island.

Praia Joaquina, Florianopolis

Half island (the north part) is massively touristic. This is the perfect place to chill out, relax, drink a caipirinha and have a swim under the control of the baywatchers.

Baywatch, Florianopolis

Soccer here is not an option: it is a religion. Children (both girls and boys) start kicking a ball even before being able to walk. In the late afternoon, when the sun is a little bit lower, the low tide generally leaves the perfect environment for a great soccer game. There is no age or number limit, just play - they are extremely fare - and have fun.

soccer beach, Florianopolis

Yet here is not the only sport: the ocean and the shallow reef creates the perfect environment for surfing. And when you're tired (or scared) of the huge waves, you can always go to the safer dunes, just close to the beach

surfing on Joaquina, Florianopolis
sandboarding on Lagoa de Conseicao dunes, Florianopolis

If one needs some more privacy, just walk a few minutes along the sea, there is always a isolated spot to relax and have kind of a private sand-garden.

Barra da Lagoa, Florianopolis


Praia do Armacao, Florianopolis


Praia do Naufragados, Florianopolis

It's lunch time, there are several options. You can just lay down and wait for someone to serve you fruit salads, beverages, meat rolls... Or you can go and eat some fresh fish on a restaurant. How do you know it's fresh? The fisherman just landed on the beach with the boat full of... If you have a kitchen you can even buy from him.


Pantano do Sul - Restaurant, Florianopolis
Fishermen - Armacao , Florianopolis
Fisherman boat - Pantano do Sul, Florianopolis

Yet florianopolis is not just salt water, there are several rivers and lagunes scattered around, when people live, play and relax.

Lagoa da Conseicao, Florianopolis


Lagoa da Conseicao, Florianopolis


Lagoa da Conseicao, Florianopolis

It's the end of the day, the island gets prepared for the night: night parties on the beaches, neverending clubs, caipirinhas and a lot of fun activities are about to start

Pantano do Sul, Florianopolis


Las Cataratas

After six months of travelling around the world being surprised by something starts to be a bit hard. However, the natural wonder of Iguazu' ( MAP) waterfalls, on the border between Argentina and Brazil, is such an incredible place that it simply takes your breath away.

Garganta del diablo, Iguassu

The falls can be visited by both Argentinian (Puerto de Iguazu) and Brazilian (Foz de Iguassu) side, there is an old dispute about what's the best one. Honestly I believe that both sides have to be seen, otherwise you would miss something.

Salto Arrecheo, sendero Macuco, Iguazu

Argentina owns most of the natural park. That means that, in order to properly visit the site, one should go and visit for two full days. There are so many options that "one day is not enough" - that's their motto. Brazilian side offers only a few viewpoints that can be visited in just a couple of hours of walking. Yes but... the view is absolutely stunning.
The first impact with the falls is even before one is able to see them: the sound from the distance can be reached from hundreds of meters. once you eventually spot them far away, you soon realize it is something completely different from every other waterfall you have ever seen in your life.

Salto Mendez, Iguazu

Getting an close-up look is even more impressive: there is a massive quantity of water with no option of constantly falling down and producing such a noise.. and so loud.

Salto Mendez, Iguazu
Salto Mendez, Iguazu


Salto Mbigua, Iguazu

The falls can be observed from so many different viewpoints, yet the nature combines the landscape and the color in such a way that each time is a surprise

Salto Floriano, Garganta del Diablo, Iguassu


Salto tres mosqueteros, Iguassu
Garganta del diablo, Iguazu


circuito superior, Iguazu
Entering the falls.. Iguazu


El Gaucho Italiano

Paying a visit to a friend in Reconquista, (MAP) in the Santa Fe province, turns out to be a wonderful experience for living in a ranch and being a "gaucho" for one day.

Lazo hunting, Reconquista

Salta sin parar

Salta (MAP) "la linda" - as the Argentinian call this beautiful city in the north part of the Country - is a lovely and calm place where to stay a few days, ideal starting point for a trip to the near province of Jujuy

Salta by night


Cordoba Province (MAP) is absolutely a place to visit when one finds himself in the north part of Argentina. Not far from Buenos Aires, it offers a pleasant city and citizens along with several stunning place where to spend one or more spare day.



Bariloche, el Bolson, Puerto Madryn, el Calafate y el Perito Moreno, El Chaltén y Puerto Natales, Ushuaia....

this is Patagonia!

Singapore skyline

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