Yangshuo landscapes simply comes from another world. Going along the "Dragon" river is one of the best experiences I've ever had in my life.

Jurassic park style landscape on Dragon river, Yangshuo

The nature is surprisingly wild, after so many days of overcrowded life here there is just quite, from time to time there are little villages, or rather bunch of houses.

rice farmer, Yangshuo

Watching and talking with farmers, and observing their lifes going on is really peaceful.

farmer, Yangshuo
Field crops, Yangshuo
Bull's bath, Yangshuo
Rice field, Yangshuo
River crossing with bicicle, Yangshuo
Pedaling through those roads, crossing the bridges, entering some rice field (and getting caught and thrown away by the farmers), finding an abandoned raft and having a bath in the river (and then being warned about some strange, huge and dangerous animals by a fisherman) are just some of the incredible experiences you can have here in just one day.
It's difficult to add any more comment, they would never get to the feeling you can experience there anyway. Just try and go there one day, you won't never regret it...
Dragon river, Yangshuo
Dragon river, Yangshuo
Dragon river, Yangshuo
Dragon river, Yangshuo
Dragon river, Yangshuo

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