Serengeti National Park is a dream. When talking about a Sfari, it is one of the most important areas of the world for its beauty, landscape and of course animals.
Landscape - Serengeti
Serengeti on the road

As we go on inside te park, we soon realize that there are several different habitats populated by tons of animals in every corner.

The long neck - Serengeti
Elephants, Gazelle, Zebras... Serengeti

When eventually we spot a leopard, we realize how easy is mimetizing for the animals. Not even the zebras, feeding few meters from his head, realize it.

Can you see it? Serengeti

We can go back home satisfied, tomorrow is another day...


Seven Seconds

Watching the king of the forest having sex is definitely an experience

Lion Approaching, Serengeti National Park

The king of the forest has quite a comfortable life. He lies under the tree all day while all female lions are around for hunting. From time to time he also chooses one of the mates of his group for having sex. The approach is quite easy.

Lion sleeping, Serengeti National Park

The first step is having quite a good nap, possibly under the shade of a tree.

Lion Resting, Serengeti National Park

When the female is ready, she growns a little bit communicating to the king her wishes.

Female wakes up and call the male, Serengeti National Park

If he does not wake up, she approaches and repeats the sound again

Female approaches and repeat the grown, Serengeti National Park
Lion Approaching, Serengeti National Park

The Lion,apparently in a deep sleep, is up and ready instantly.

Male starting the sexual activity -Serengeti National Park

The act begins... end ends in a matter of seconds - seven. Eigth, at most. I would have guessed something a little bit more for the king of the forest...

Lion having sex - Serengeti National Park

They are both now (apparently) satisfied...

Female celebrating the act, Male ready for sleeping -, Serengeti National Park

Besides the short performance, it is now time for a little nap. After aproximatly twenty minutes, the scene take places again. And again, and again... The couple will be having sex for a 24 hours period. So, who's the king of the forest again?

Let's rest for 20 minutes, than start again - Serengeti National Park

This is not gonna end well

From a lion point of view, Savana is just a huge supermarket. Attending a lion hunting is an experience you will never ever forget.


First Stage of lion hunting, Serengeti National Park

It all starts with a bunch of animals feeding.In this case Zebras. And lions love zebras...

Zebras, candidate for hunting - Serengeti National Park

Lions approache so slowly through the grass, that people don't even realize how and when exactly the attack takes place. A hunting can last for hours. All of a sudden, a lion appears from a bushes and jumps onto one of the Zebras - the one that is separated from the group. It is matter of few seconds: the scared animals begin to run raising lots of dust.

Serengeti National Park

Behind the dust something eventually appears: the lion succeeded in grabbing the throath of the animal. It starts now an incredible struggle that lasts for less than one minute

Serengeti National Park
Serengeti National Park

Finally, when the zebra is exausted for not breathing and lays on the floor defeated, something really special happens: a second lion appears, and dominating the zebra, for a few seconds fiercely stares at us. She seems to proudly say: "we've done it"

Serengeti National Park

As soon as the struggle is over, other lions (all female) magically appear from nowhere.

Serengeti National Park

And more are about to come...

Serengeti National Park

And more...

Serengeti National Park

And even more...There's a lot of food to share. Generally at this stage the male appears and eats the best part of the animal. Unfortunately (for us) or Fortunately (for him), he his on the mating period and he has other issues to deal with...

Serengeti National Park

A kind of a miracle

Lake Natron is famous for its dawn and trekking experience. reaching the spring of a river is not always that easy

Lake Natron trekking

The bar of Zanzi

After so many days of Safari, surrounded by layers and layers of dust, living on a tent without hot water and bare electricity, a few days for resting and get some new strenght are really appreciated. Zanzibar is far away from what experienced so far, it seems to be a world apart from Tanzania, and in fact there is a passport control - and a new stamp - as soon as we arrive via boat.
Welcome to Zanzibar


The beaches are stunning, water is incredibly transparent and warm enough (considering it's winter here) to enjoy a relaxing bath

Nugwe beach

There are several tiny islands surrounding the main one, a one day trip on the boat is worth even if the weather is not optimal. Beware of the crew: our sailor gets sick after few minutes....

Little island around Zanzibar
island beach

Zanzibar is extremely affected by tides. During low tide you can almost walk on the surface. It's the best time for paying on the beach or far away in the water

volley during low tide

Sunset is a special moment. Watching the big red ball disappearing with thousands of just magic

sunset from Stone Town
Sunset from Nungwe

Bar Diving

Zanzibar offers great opportunity for diving in the Indian ocean. A PADI center in Nungwe
surrounded by fishes in Zanzibar

Lots of fishes of any kind surrounds us.Some of them are everuwhere and easily visible around

Diving in Zanzibar
diving in Zanzibar

Some other, instead, can really efficently mimetize and really difficult to spot.

Can you see it?

Then there is the meeting with some turtles. It is my first time and I try to behave correctly and avoid disturbing them. Finning with them for few meters makes you feel really magic

sea turtle

Off course, Nemo is also living there


As a first try, we are quite satisfied. Other places are waiting for more exploration, see you at next dive...

End of diving

A day in Europe

To give a reasonable meaning to my RTW trip, I decide to take a trip to one of the most extraordinary and still unexplained prehistorical places in the world in UK

Tons of stories have been told about this place, likely an old calendar which gets magical during particular periods of the year


Getting to Stonehenge unfortunately is not magical as one may believe. Litteraly hundreds of people coming for several tours approach the site at aproximately the same hour, and just for half an hour or so.


The tour around the stones may be short, may be crowded, may not be as one have dreamed... however this is one of the magical places of the world and a visit is definitely worth once in a lifetime. I am now ready to say goodbye to Europe

Stonehenge info

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