Koh Phangan (SEE MAP) , famous for its Full Moon Party (SEE ARTICLE), is not just a perdition place. The island is stunning and the place offers incredible beaches, landscapes and also some piece of adventure...

Ao Bang Tai beach, Koh Phangan

Getting around in Koh Phangan is almost impossible without a motorbike: roads are small, there are a lot of cars going around and mostly the island is full of steep hills which makes bicycling/walking impossible. On the road though there are several beautiful spot where to stop and just have a look

on the road, Koh Phangan

on the road, Koh Phangan

on the road, Koh Phangan

There are little harbours spread around the island. And yes, the water is so clean that it is possible to have a swim among the fishermans' boats.

Hat Khom beach,Koh Phangan

On the north, Ban Chalok village is a great spot for eating some seafood, having a bath and continue the journey

Ban Chalok Lam, Koh Phangan

From Coconut beach they say there is a beautiful trekking that leads to an untouched beach - I get the chance to plunge into nature and start walking. The path is nice, the view is amazing and pays back the strength.

Khan Kin Non trekking, Koh Phangan

After a while through the hills though, the trekking becomes harder and the presence of the sea seems disappeared. The path appears to get into nowhere and a sort of jungle starts to surround me. I begin to imagine to get lost is this heaven, and find a group of people who settled a secred community out of the world. And stay with them, forever...

Khan Kin Non trekking, Koh Phangan
Khan Kin Non trekking, Koh Phangan

Or maybe I just watch too many films... I eventually find a dry river and follow its path till the sea. There is no secret community, there is not anymore the "untouched" spot I had read, yet a bunch o bungalows in the middle of nowhere. Well, at least the beach is amazing. I get a swim, relax a little bit and eventually bribe a fisherman to get me back to the main village: It's mid afternoon and I don't wanna get stuck in the jungle during the night...

Bottle beach, Koh Phangan

Going back home I stop by a few points on the west coast of the island, just to see the sun set and prepare for the big day: there is going to be full moon tonight.

Ao Wok Tum beach, Koh Phangan

sunset from Ao Noi Wok beach, Koh Phangan

sunset in Ao Noi Wok beach, Koh Phangan

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