Croc Time

Litchfield National park (MAP) - near Darwin in north Australia - boasts beautiful landscapes, lagunas and waterfalls.

Turtle Paradise

The Great Reef Barrier in Cairns (MAP) is told to be one of the most beautiful places in the world for diving activities.

Sea Turtle, Great Reef Barrier

White Island

Whitsundays Islands (MAP) , near Airlie Beach, is an arcipelago of amazing caribbean-style islands.

Whitsunday beach

From the Bay

Byron Bay ( MAP) is a small city set on the the most eastern Australian location. Two days of relax in this calm city helped to recover from the rushing schedule I have had so far.

Surf Alley, Byron Bay city

South America

My flight from Sydney stops in Auckland (New Zealand) for a few hours. It then leaves the continent at 16:00 and lands in Santiago del Chile (MAP) at 11:50, the same day. That means two things: time travelling is possible, and the new adventure in South America just started.

Santiago de Chile


Just a hour and a half driving from Santiago, on the Chilean coast there is Valparaiso (MAP), "Valpo" for the locals. It is a colourful town where lots of artists have found the good inspiration to come, and possibly live for a while.

Ascensor Artilleria, Valparaiso info

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