While in Beijing, a tour to one of the the Seven World Wonders is absolutely mandatory. There are several different access points, the government has renstructured and set up for official visit. One of the most impressive is places to go is Mutianyiu, some 90 Km north of the capital city.

Great Wall, Mutianyiu

The visual impact to the Wall is extraordinary. There are mountains all around, and wherever the sight arrives it is there, disappearing into the horizon

Once you are on it, it seems unexpectedly compulsory to get one direction and start to walk. Giving a look on the back at every corner, you soon realize what a miserable part of the overall complex has been completed

Great Wall, Mutianyiu

However, even after hours of walking, every time a top of the hill is reached, a complete new landscape appears, revealing that the Wall is still there, everywhere, forever. If there is any concept of infinite, that's the best image that this place can transmit.

Reaching the top of Great Wall, Mutianyiu
Infinite Great Wall, Mutianyiu

Almost at the end of my strenght, I reach - at least - the border of the touristic part. The non-restructured part of the Wall, the "Wild Wall" is surrrounded by vegetation, half destroyed, with missing pieces and dangerous holes in the middle of the path. It may not be as beautiful to watch as the restructured part, yet it gives a wild sensation of authenticity. I made my day.

Great "Wild" Wall, Mutianyiu

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