1.000.000 seconds from departure: RTW trip will start in 12 days!
Passport is ready, Visas requested, Vaccinations done... equipment purchased, battery charged, what else? Still some time to find the best insurance and then GO!


While in Rome, latest activities will be testing equipment (SLR Camera, Scuba Camera, Netbook, GPS Smartphone etc...)

testing TAMRON 10-24 lens shooting "Palazzo della Civilta' Italiana", Rome

The Luggage Creator will help preparing the bag, yet there will always something left home. Maybe on purpose, maybe because of the final rush, next week. 210 days are difficult to plan in advance, mostly if have never been in the places you are going to. Besides, I have tons of idea on how to customize this trip, this once-in-a-live experience, on the way travelling this website will be continuously change and enriched with new parts/functionalities. Now it is time concentrate on the route: tons of impressive places, outstanding wonders, incredible culture and extravagant languages are about to bump into my life... wish me luck, I need it!

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