Questa è la lista dei posti visitati, giorno dopo giorno, nei miei 8 mesi di viaggio attorno al mondo

August 2011

      3: Arusha
      4: Tarangire: African animals
      5: Ngorongoro: the crater
      6: Serengeti: king's sex
      7: Serengeti: lion hunting...
      8: Lake Maniara: in danger of life
      10-11: Stone Town
      12-15: Nungwi: diving in Africa
    • UK
      20: Stonehenge: one day in Europe
    • CHINA
      21-26: Beijing: Welcome to Asia
      27: Great Wall: the neverending job
      27-29: Da Tong: the hanging monastery
      29-31: Ping Yao: a small lovely town


    • CHINA
      1-4: Xi'an: terracotta army
      5-7: Chengdu: Panda research center
      8: Leshan: the giant buddah
      10: Shan: sacred mountains
      10-12: Guilin: rice terraces
      13-15: Yangshuo: Jurassic Park
      16-18: Hanoi: good morning Vietnam
      19-21: Halong Bay: the boat trip
      22-24: Sapa: a day in the village
      26-27: DMZ: Vietnam war
      28-29: Hue: imperial life
      30: Hoi An: a look at Vietnamese people


      1-3: Mekong Delta: crossing borders on the boat
      4-7: Siem Rep: Cambodia for dummies
      8-10: Angkor: the 8th wonder
      11: Ko Phangan: beach in heaven
      12: Full Moon party : the strangest party ever
      13: Full Moon party continues...: the day after
      15: Ko Tao: scuba diving
      16-17: Ko Tao: yet another paradise
      18-19: Bangkok: how to earn money visiting a city
      19-23: Chiang Mai: trekking in the jungle
      24-:26 Pai: motorbike in the jungle
      27-29: Singapore : this is not South East Asia...


      31: Darwin: Welcome to Australia
      1-2: Kakadu National Park: the beauty of Nature
      3-4: Litchfield National Park: Crocodiles!
      6-9: Cairns : diving with turtles
      10-11: Whitsundays Islands: best beach in the world?
      12-14: Byron Bay: surfing time
      15-18: Sydney: the City
    • CHILE
      19-21: Santiago: Welcome to South America
      22-23: Valparaiso: the artist's city
      24-27: Easter Island: One place in the world...


      2-8: Bariloche: Welcome to Patagonia
      9-10: El Bolson: Bycicle adventures
      11-13: Puerto Madryn: Penguins, Whales and...
      14-16: El Calafate: El Perito Moreno
      18-20: El Chalten: Trekking in the mountains
      21-24: Torres Del Paine: alone in the nature
    • 26-29: Tierra del Fuego

January 2012

      1-8: Buenos Aires: back to summer
      10-12: Cordoba: shows, parties and relax
      14-18: Salta and Jujuy: oloured mountains and a salt lake
      20-23: Reconquista: being a "Gaucho" for one day
      25-29: Iguazu: absolute natural wonder


    • BRASIL
      1-4: Florianopolis: Brazilian island
      5-10: Florianopolis wild: island discovery
      12: Paraty: Brazilian town
      13: Ubatuba: yet more beaches
      14-16: Ilha Grande: The Island
      17-19: Rio de Janeiro: It's Carnival time
      19-21: Salvador de Bahia: a more traditional Carnival
      22-25: Chapada Diamantina: trekking in the jungle
      26-29: Morro de Sao Paolo: yet another island


    4-10: Manaus: the Amazon Forest
    11-15: Rio
    16: THE END: back home info

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