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El Gaucho Italiano

Paying a visit to a friend in Reconquista, (MAP) in the Santa Fe province, turns out to be a wonderful experience for living in a ranch and being a "gaucho" for one day.

Lazo hunting, Reconquista

Salta sin parar

Salta (MAP) "la linda" - as the Argentinian call this beautiful city in the north part of the Country - is a lovely and calm place where to stay a few days, ideal starting point for a trip to the near province of Jujuy

Salta by night


Cordoba Province (MAP) is absolutely a place to visit when one finds himself in the north part of Argentina. Not far from Buenos Aires, it offers a pleasant city and citizens along with several stunning place where to spend one or more spare day.



Bariloche, el Bolson, Puerto Madryn, el Calafate y el Perito Moreno, El Chaltén y Puerto Natales, Ushuaia....

this is Patagonia!

Singapore skyline

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Veinte Doce

There is no better way to start a new year than in Buenos Aires. (MAP) "La Capital Federal" of Argentinian Republic is the perfect place to relax a few days after so many exausting activities down in Patagonia.

Buenos Aires

Into the W

Torres del Paine ( MAP), in the Chilean Patagonia, is one of the most famous National parks for trekking in Patagonia, if not in the entire world. Get a tent, a sleeping bag, some food and enjoy the contact with nature in a complete way, without any needs of civilization and/or real world.

Cuerno Principal, Torres del Paine

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