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O Carnaval - part 2

If the most important carnival is held in Rio de Janeiro, most locals claims that the most original and traditional one takes place in Salvador de Bahia (MAP). So here is the plan: taking a flight during the middle of the party and switch city.

Carnaval, Salvador de Bahia

O Carnaval

There is no Brazil without carnival, and there is no carnival without Sambodromo (MAP), full stop.

Carnival, Rio


When I took the decision to leave for my Round the World trip people started to ask me what was my plan. "I don't know" - I used to reply - "Yet I want to be n Rio (do you really need a MAP? ) by carnival". Well, here I am.

Rio de Janeiro from the above


Over two months of Brazil cannot be shinked in one page. Mostly if O' Carnaval is part of the trip!

I'll try anyway.

Singapore skyline

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Small Big Island

"Ilha Grande" (MAP) literally means "big island". In fact the island is not really famous for his hoge size: just a 15 km wide. Here there is just a small village (Abrao) surrounded by impressive and tick vegetation. There are no car in the island, that means the only way to reach the beaches is to walk across the jungle...

Praia Pouso, Ilha Grande

Beach on the Beach

There are two way to get from Sao Paolo to Rio de Janeiro: one of the is the quick motorway that connects directly the two cities. The other one is going through the coast. It takes much more time, the road is not in good conditions and... the places you may happen to visit are so extraordinary that you may never arrive in Rio.


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